Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  What do CMQCC membership fees cover? 

A:  The membership fees cover all CMQCC initiatives, including Quality Improvement Collaboratives, Toolkits, Webinars and the Maternal Data Center (MDC).

Q:  What does my hospital need to do to become a CMQCC member?

A:  Hospitals that are not yet participating in CMQCC and wish to join can do so starting at any time. Please email, and we will reach out to you with more information. 

Q:  When will I be charged the CMQCC membership fee? 

A: Invoices will be sent in January 2019 for payment by March 15, 2019 for calendar year 2019 membership.  Note: The CMQCC Participation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement (BAA) will not change.

For new CMQCC members, invoicing will occur at the time of contract execution.

Q:  What is "full participation" for multi-hospital systems and how is this calculated? 

A:  The total number of sites within your system that are currently participating in CMQCC programs (e.g. the MDC and/or a quality improvement collaborative) as of the invoice generation date are considered your “full participation” number. CMQCC can offer substantial discounts only if all currently participating sites in your system stay enrolled in CMQCC.

To illustrate:

  • If your system has a total of 12 sites and 10 sites currently participate as part of CMQCC, you are eligible for the rate for 6-15 sites at $6000 per site per year if 10 (or more) sites participate and make a 2- year commitment. You do not need all 12 sites participating to secure the discount—only the 10 sites that currently participate in CMQCC.

  • If your system has 8 sites and 4 currently participate in CMQCC, you are eligible for the rate for 3-5 sites at $6500 per site (as you have 4 already participating); once you have 6 or more sites ready to participate you would be eligible for the rate of $6000 per site per year offered to systems with 6-15 sites.
  • In addition, if your system makes a 2-year commitment for “full participation” (as defined above) then any individual hospital that applied for and received the “Members in Need” scholarship is eligible for that additional discount.

Q:  If I don’t pay the fee, will I be able to download CMQCC Toolkits?

A:  CMQCC Toolkits will continue to be available for all hospitals to download from the CMQCC website after completing a brief registration process.

Q:  Will these fees cover all of CMQCC’s costs?

A:  California hospital membership fees will contribute approximately 45-50% of CMQCC’s total costs. Grant funding and fees paid by other states that use the Maternal Data Center will cover remaining costs.