California Maternal Data Center (CMDC)

The CMQCC Maternal Data Center (CMDC)

The California Maternal Data Center (CMDC) is an online tool that generates rapid-cycle performance metrics on maternity care services.  The tool is designed to support hospital quality improvement activities and service-line management in a way that is low burden, low cost and high value for participants.     

Watch this video to learn more about the CMDC
Dr Elliott Main demonstrates the CMDC

Why establish a Maternal Data Center?

Maternity care is the highest-volume health service delivered by most California hospitals and has recently become subject to new performance reporting requirements.  However, obstetric departments often have limited resources for capturing the data required to assess their practices.   The CMDC gives providers and public health departments easy-to-access, rapid-cycle maternity metrics to support quality management and improvement activities.

What exactly does the CMDC do?

CMDC's secure web-based tool links existing sources of administrative data to generate a wide range of perinatal performance metrics and patient-level drill-down information.  The rapid-cycle metrics are presented via an interactive and easy-to-use tool-for use by clinicians, managers and administrators.

Who can participate?

All California hospitals with Labor and Delivery Units are eligible to participate. 

Who is involved?

The CMDC is overseen by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee composed of clinicians, hospitals, payers, purchasers, consumer organizations and relevant state agencies. (See Steering Committee membership list).

CMDC operations are currently supported by grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF).

What is the timeline?

The CMDC has completed the pilot and infrastructure development phase. We are now open for statewide roll-out to all interested hospitals!

For more information:

Hospitals interested in participating can visit the For Hospitals section. For additional information, please contact the CMDC Project Manager Anne Castles at 626-639-3044 or or

See what the Data Center can do!

Visit our interactive Demonstration Site to experience all the functionality of the CMDC for yourself.

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