The goal of the Collaborative is to improve care, experiences, and outcomes for Black mothers and birthing people during hospital births. We will facilitate shifts in birth culture and care in the hospital setting by prioritizing the voices and lived experiences of Black people who have given birth in California.

Over the course of the pilot initiative, the Collaborative will work together with five hospitals and community stakeholders with the goal of:

  • Developing and testing a patient-reported experience metric (PREM)
  • Identifying online interactive and interprofessional educational resources
  • Demonstrating best practices for interventions for addressing hospital culture leading to supporting birth equity.

The goal of the Collaborative is the development of a Birth Equity Quality Improvement Toolkit, or “how-to guide,” reflecting learnings and tested interventions appropriate for widespread dissemination.

The success that California has achieved in the significant reduction in maternal mortality rates is a direct reflection of the outcomes that are possible when collaboration exists around a patient safety concern. The existing data and literature evidence has provided the impetus to formalize an action plan to address this racial equity issue. With our California Birth Equity Collaborative pilot, CMQCC aims to transform birth care for Black mothers and birthing people together with our hospital partners and their communities.