Resources - Supporting Vaginal Birth

Collaborative Resources

Resources have been developed to help support the collaborative's efforts to reduce first birth cesarean sections. Click on the resource links below for downloads.

The Toolkit to Support Vaginal Birth and Reduce Primary Cesareans and its Implementation Guide are available to download here


Childbirth education, Shared decision making, Birth plans, Payment reform

Birth Preferences Worksheet 

Informed Consent for Elective Cesarean Birth

Call out Commitment Board

The Cesarean Option Slide Set

Recognition and Prevention

Early labor, Labor support, Pain management, Doulas, Intermittent monitoring

Intermittent Auscultation for Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Surveillance

Putting intelligent structured intermittent auscultation (ISIA) into practice 

Coping with Labor Algorithm

PDSA Cycle Algorithm for Coping with Labor Pain

Coping with Labor Algorithm: An Innovative Approach to Labor Pain Webinar

Coping with Labor Algorithm: An Innovative Approach to Labor Pain Presentation Slides

Doulas: Including doula practice in hospital care Webinar Recording

Intermittent Monitoring Webinar Recording

What is a Doula? Mt. Diablo Doula Community


Labor management, Fetal surveillance, Dystocia, Induction of labor, Management of malposition

Management of Fetal Malposition

Pre-cesarean Checklist

Labor Dystocia Checklist

Labor Duration Guidelines

Spontaneous Labor Algorithm

Algorithm for Management of 2nd Stage of Labor

Active Labor Partogram

Algorithm for Management for Category II Fetal Heart Rate Tracings

Example Algorithm for Management of Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Tracings 

Induction of Labor Algorithm 

Hoag Induction Scheduling Process

Hoag Induction of Labor (IOL) Scheduling Request

6 is the New 4 – Active Labor - ACOG

Reporting and Systems Learning

Performance measures, Data, Overall quality improvement tools

Performance Measures Used to Assess Cesarean Birth

Audit Tool: Criteria for Dystocia Diagnosis (ACOG/SMFM)

Obstetrics Quality Improvement Sustainability Review Plan 

Guidance for Understanding and Unblinding Provider-Level NTSV Cesarean Rates

Labor Induction ICD-10 Coding Guidelines

Primary Cesarean Section Audit - St. Joseph – Hoag Health


Kick-Off Meeting Resources

Introduction to the Toolkit to Support Vaginal Birth Presentation Slides

Introduction to the Toolkit Teaching Slide Set for Professionals

Introduction to the Toolkit to Support Vaginal Birth Webinar Recording

Leadership and Cesarean Section Reduction Presentation Slides

Tools of the Trade Presentation Slides

Using the Maternal Data Center to Drive Improvement Presentation Slides


Additional Resources

Readiness Assessment to Support Vaginal Birth and Reduce Primary Cesareans

Collaborative Monthly Call Report Out Template

Collaborative to Support Vaginal Birth and Reduce Primary Cesareans: Timeline for Progression