CA-PAMR Process and Publications

California Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review 

Final reports: 

(NEW!) 2002-2007 Maternal Death Review 
2002-2004 Maternal Death Review update
2002-2003 Maternal Death Review  

A second phase of the California Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review is currently underway investigating maternal deaths due to suicide and substance abuse. For this review, CMQCC convened a committee of experts in maternal mental health and addiction, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, obstetricians and public health specialists. This review will examine maternal deaths from suicide and substance abuse that occurred between 2002-2013.

As part of California’s ongoing surveillance on causes and trends in pregnancy-associated mortality, the third phase of CA-PAMR will develop a streamlined methodology to review and investigate maternal deaths as contemporarily as possible.


More information is available on the California Department of Public Health website