Preeclampsia Collaborative #1 2013

CMQCC Preeclampsia Collaborative:

The Preeclampsia Collaborative will be starting January 2013 and continue through December 2013.

The primary aim of this collaborative is to help California hospitals reduce the rate of severe morbidities in women with any hypertension and/or with severe preeclampsia/eclampsia and to reduce a significant portion of complications and extended hospital stays with the use of tools and guidelines developed to support early recognition, diagnosis, treatment and management of preeclampsia and triggers requiring immediate evaluation.  This collaborative focuses on improving care of the preeclampsia patient in both Labor and Delivery and the Emergency Department, prenatally, intrapartum and postpartum.

Participants Only:

If you are a participant of the Preeclampsia Collaborative, click here to access collaborative documents, links and meeting information.

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