Appendices for ICD 9

The formal appendices including denominator and numerator codes for both ICD 9 and ICD 10 codes can be downloaded here

Denominator Specifications

Appendix 1: Denominator Inclusions (ICD-9 Codes)    
Appendix 2: Denominator Exclusions (ICD-9 Codes)    

Group 2A: Congenital Malformations (Diagnosis Codes)    
Group 2B: Other Fetal Placental Conditions (Diagnosis Codes)    
Group 2C: Maternal Drug Use (Diagnosis Codes)    

Numerator Specifications

Appendix 3: Severe Complications Numerator (ICD-9 Codes)    

Group 3A: Severe Birth Trauma (Diagnosis Codes)
Group 3B: Severe Hypoxia Asphyxia (Diagnosis Codes)
Group 3C: Severe Shock and Resuscitation (Diagnosis Codes)
Group 3D: Severe Respiratory Complications (Diagnosis Codes)
Group 3E: Severe Infection (Diagnosis Codes)
Group 3F: Severe Neurological Complication (Diagnosis Codes)
Group 3G: Severe Shock/Resuscitation (Procedure Codes)
Group 3H: Severe Respiratory (Procedure Codes)
Group 3I: Severe Neurological (Procedure Codes)
Group 3J: Severe Septicemia (LOS > 4 days) (Diagnosis Codes)

Appendix 4: Moderate Complications Numerator (ICD-9 Codes)    

Groups 4A thru 4C do not require any neonatal LOS length to validate their severity.
Group 4A: Moderate Birth Trauma (Diagnosis Codes)
Group 4B: Moderate Respiratory Complication (Diagnosis Codes)
Group 4C: Moderate Respiratory Complication (Procedure Codes)
Groups 4D thru 4H additionally require an infant LOS to be >2 days for a vaginal birth or >4 days for CS delivery
Group 4D: Moderate Birth Trauma with specific LOS requirement (Diagnosis Codes)
Group 4E: Moderate Respiratory Complications with specific LOS requirement (Diagnosis Codes)    
Group 4F: Moderate Neurological Complication with specific LOS requirement (Procedure Codes)
Group 4G: Moderate Respiratory Complications with specific LOS requirement (Procedure Codes)
Group 4H: Moderate Infection with specific LOS requirement (Diagnosis Code)

Appendix 5: Moderate Complications Numerator--Long LOS (ICD-9 Codes)    

After an infant LOS >5 days has been identified, the codes in Groups A thru C are used to exclude cases for jaundice or social reasons for their prolonged LOS.

Group 5A: Jaundice (Diagnosis Codes)    
Group 5B: Jaundice (Procedure Code)    
Group 5C: Social Problems (Diagnosis Codes)        

Appendix 13: Sub-Category Groupings    

Neurologic / Birth Injury Sub-Category    
Infection Sub-Category    
Respiratory Sub-Category    
Shock/Resuscitation Sub-Category 
Transfer to Higher Care Sub-Category    
Long Neonatal Length of Stay (LOS) Sub-Category