Archived - 2015 Webinars

2015 Webinars

“What can we do to improve outcomes in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy?” webinar 
Presented by Larry Shields, MD, and Eleni Tsigas; 9/25/2015 

“Improving Health Care Response to Preeclampsia" webinar 
Presented by Maurice Druzin, MD, and Nancy Peterson, MSN, PNNP; 8/24/2015

“OB Hemorrhage Toolkit V2.0 Orientation” webinar 
Presented by David Lagrew, MD, and Audrey Lyndon, RN, PhD, FAAN; 4/30/2015

“CPMS Blood Bank” webinar and slide set
Presented by Holli M. Mason, MD; 5/12/2015

“CPMS Quantified Blood Loss Pearls” webinar and slide set
Presented by Jennifer McNulty, MD; 4/16/2015