Obstetric Hemorrhage

Obstetric hemorrhage is one of the leading causes of severe maternal morbidity and mortality in California. The California Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review identified hemorrhage as one of the causes of potentially preventable maternal mortality. CMQCC has been working with hospitals to standardize care and improve their readiness, recognition, response and reporting of obstetric hemorrhage.

Our Successes

CMQCC together with the California Department of Public Health: Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division produced an Obstetric Hemorrhage Toolkit, Improving Health Care Response to Obstetric Hemorrhage, initially released in July 2010. The toolkit has since been revised to reflect the most recent developments in evidence-based data and is available after logging into our website under “Resources”:

Improving Health Care Response to Obstetric Hemorrhage Version 2.0, A California Quality Improvement Toolkit

In addition to our toolkit, CMQCC launched state-wide outreach collaboratives to help California hospitals implement best practices. Severe maternal morbidity was reduced by 20.8% between 2014 – 2016 among the 126 hospitals participating in our collaborative to reduce maternal hemorrhage and preeclampsia, compared with only a 1.2 percent reduction in nonparticipating hospitals.