Preeclampsia collaboratives

CMQCC led a Preeclampsia Quality Improvement Collaborative with approximately 25 hospitals in 2013. The primary aim of this collaborative was to help participating hospitals reduce the rate of severe morbidities in women with preeclampsia/eclampsia with the use of tools developed to support early recognition, diagnosis, treatment and management of preeclampsia.  

In 2013, CMQCC launched the California Partnership for Maternal Safety (CPMS)  -- a three-year outreach collaborative funded by Merck for Mothers ) to help hospitals implement patient safety bundles for preeclampsia and obstetric hemorrhage. In order to best accommodate the 126 hospitals across California participating in CPMS, CMQCC used “the mentor model,” where a physician and nurse mentor with maternal quality improvement experience were matched with groups of 5-8 hospitals. The CPMS Collaborative focused on helping hospitals implement CMQCC’s evidence-based toolkits in tandem with the use of safety bundles to standardize their approaches to preeclampsia and obstetric hemorrhage.