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Welcome to My Birth Matters! Here, learn about important choices you can make when it comes to the birth of your baby.

Educate yourself by clicking on the subtopics to the right for more information from expert sources.

Importantly, we have also included resources to help you avoid having a cesarean section (C-section), if you don’t need one.

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Talk to Your Doctor

It is estimated that up to half of
C-sections could have been avoided.

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C-sections and Vaginal Birth

It’s important to understand your options about the birth of your baby.

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Choose Your Care Providers

There are several types of providers who may be involved in your baby’s delivery. 

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Choose Your Hospital

The rate of C-sections varies greatly from one hospital to another.

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Tips for a Healthy Birth

There are important steps you can take to be prepared for your baby's birth.

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Web Resources

Still have questions? Check these expert sources for more information. 

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