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Welcome to My Birth Matters! This is a website to help pregnant women and birthing people of all backgrounds learn more about their birthing options.

The boxes on the right are full of information from experts. They also have information to help you learn how to avoid having a C-section if you don't need one.

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Talk to Your Doctor

Did you know that 1 out of every 2 C-sections could be avoided. 

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C-sections and Vaginal Birth

It’s important to understand your options for your baby’s birth.

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Create Your Birth Care Team

There are several kinds of healthcare providers who might help you have your baby.

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Learn More About Your Hospital

Some hospitals do more C-sections than others.

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Tips for a Healthy Birth

There are 5 important steps you can take to prepare for a healthy labor and delivery.

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Web Resources

Still have questions? Check here for more resources from experts. 

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