Substance Exposure

The Mother & Baby Substance Exposure Initiative, part of the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Expansion Project is a hospital and community-based effort to improve outcomes for mothers and newborns impacted by substance exposure, with a specific focus on Opioid Use Disorder.

The Mother & Baby Substance Exposure Initiative will emphasize care that maintains the mother-baby dyad throughout the hospital stay and will also address treatment and prevention of substance exposure during and after pregnancy. 

Key components of this initiative include:

  • ​An interactive online toolkit for maternal and newborn care providers on perinatal substance exposure developed by a multidisciplinary task force of experts from across California 
  • Expert lead quality improvement collaboratives to support implementation of the toolkit best practices,  for hospitals in selected counties across Northern, Central and Southern California
  • Tools and resources for collecting and reporting data to support quality improvement
  • Mobilization and support for public and private partners across the state
  • A network of other states that have implemented the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health National Collaborative Opioid Bundle