QI Academy

Strengthen your team’s quality improvement skills with CMQCC’s QI ACADEMY!

The QI Academy is designed to help hospitals build a multidisciplinary maternal QI team that fosters sustainable change and enhances professional experience.

QI Academy is a dynamic learning environment for participating hospitals to receive mentorship in enhancing their perinatal QI team’s skills. The year-long educational initiative focuses on application of evidence-based QI techniques to a hospital-specific project, giving participants the opportunity to apply learning and demonstrate leadership. Hospitals select a maternal QI project that is focused on one of CMQCC’s toolkits or the implementation of a national AIM bundle. QI Academy can be a great team-building tool to strengthen a hospital’s quality improvement skills after leadership turnover!

CMQCC initially launched QI Academy in August 2018, with new cohorts beginning every 6 months. Each cohort runs for one year, and CMQCC supports hospital teams on monthly educational learning calls. All CMQCC member hospitals are invited to apply for QI Academy. 

Participating teams must include nursing and physician leadership. Quality leadership is strongly encouraged.

​Interested in more information? Email info@cmqcc.org.