Exclusive Human Milk Feeding Measure Specifications

Measure Description:

PC-05 assesses the number of newborns exclusively fed human milk during the newborn's entire hospitalization. This measure is a part of a set of nationally implemented measures that address perinatal care (PC-01: Elective Delivery, PC-02: Cesarean Section, PC-06 Unexpected Complications in Term Newborns).

Numerator Statement:

Newborns who were fed human milk only since birth

Denominator Statement:

Single term liveborn newborns discharged alive from the hospital with ICD-10-CM Principal Diagnosis Code for single liveborn newborn as defined in Appendix A, Table 11.20.1 available at: https://manual.jointcommission.org/releases/TJC2024A1/

For more information and full measure specifications, please see The Joint Commission's website.