California MDC

Interested in joining CMQCC and the Maternal Data Center? The following participation steps outline the process of joining:

Step 1: Learn more about CMQCC membership

The California Maternal Data Center is fully operated by CMQCC. If interested in joining, please email and we will reach out to you with more information about Hospital Membership.

Step 2: Learn more about the Maternal Data Center (MDC) Tool. 

CMQCC will schedule a webinar presentation to demonstrate the MDC’s tools and features.

Step 3: Appoint key project contacts for the MDC  

Upon deciding to participate, contact CMQCC to designate a project administrator and review next steps.   

Step 4: Complete the Participation and Business Associate Agreement 

CMQCC will e-mail you the Participation Agreement, which reflects CMQCC’s commitment to compliance with all federal and state regulations around patient confidentiality and data security. Ask authorized hospital personnel to review, sign and return the agreement.

Step 5: Submit data

Upload Patient Discharge Data (PDD) to the MDC on a monthly or quarterly basis to receive rapid-cycle reports. These PDD are based on the same specifications as the data your hospital already submits to OSHPD—which means HIM departments can create the MDC file with minimal burden.  
For optional measures, you may choose to review the small set of records requiring chart-based data. 

Step 6: Metrics are ready!

CMQCC will schedule a 1.5 hour webinar to train your team on using the tool. After the training, you’re set to use the results to target your unique clinical and data quality improvement activities.