NTSV C-Sections Measure Specifications

This measure assesses the number of nulliparous women with a term, singleton baby in a vertex position delivered by cesarean section. This measure is part of a set of five nationally implemented measures by The Joint Commission that address perinatal care (PC-01: Elective Delivery, PC-02: Cesarean Birth, PC-03: Antenatal Steroids, PC-04: Health Care-Associated Bloodstream Infections in Newborns, PC-05: Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding).  There are two formally approved specifications by NQF which give nearly identical results-one based on hospitals’ patient discharge data supplemented for gestational age and parity by chart reviews or other sources; the other based solely on birth certificate data fields. 

Denominator Statement

Nulliparous patients delivered of a live term singleton newborn in vertex presentation.

Numerator Statement

Patients in the denominator with cesarean sections 

For more information and full measure specifications, please see The Joint Commission's website.