Christine Morton

Research Sociologist | Program Manager

Christine Morton is a medical sociologist with expertise in women's reproductive experiences and maternal quality improvement. Since 2008, she has managed CMQCC's state funded project on California Pregnancy-Associated Maternal Review (CA-PAMR), overseeing data collection, committee matters and conducting qualitative analysis on improvement opportunities identified from case reviews.  She serves as co-chair of the CMQCC Cardiovascular Disease in Pregnancy Taskforce, coordinating the development of a Maternal Quality Toolkit on this leading cause of maternal death in California. She also collaborates on research projects that support CMQCC’s goals and mission, including an interview study of women's experiences with severe maternal morbidity and an analysis of women's online peripartum cardiomyopathy narratives.  Dr. Morton is a co-chair of the National Partnership Maternal Safety workgroup on Patient, Family and Staff Support after a Severe Maternal Event and serves on the Board of Directors of Lamaze International.