Create Your Birth Care Team

Before you have your baby, you’ll want to create your birth care team. These are the people who will help support you while you’re in labor and having your baby.

If you have your baby in a hospital, you will have a labor and delivery nurse to help you. You will also have an OB/GYN doctor while you’re in labor. Or, if your pregnancy is low-risk, you might have a nurse-midwife. If your pregnancy is high-risk, you might see a high-risk pregnancy doctor, called a maternal fetal medicine specialist.

To find who you think is best to care for you, you can interview your healthcare providers, like your OB/GYN or nurse-midwife. You can use these checklists to ask your nurse-midwife or your OB/GYN at your first pre-natal appointment. If you decide you want to change healthcare providers, it’s easier to do it early in your pregnancy. You’ll also want to ask your insurance which healthcare providers they’ll pay for.

Find an obstetrician
Find a nurse-midwife
Find a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist (MFM or High-Risk Pregnancy Doctor)

Some women have a doula to help them during labor and birth. Doulas are not nurses or doctors. And, insurance does not usually pay for them. But, if someone is with you and helps you during your entire labor and birth, you are less likely to have a C-section. Many women say that having a team of people, or a labor support team, makes their birthing experience better. This article explains how to find a doula. It also talks about how your family or friends can help you when you’re in labor. 

When you go into labor, bring your labor support team with you. Build a team that makes you comfortable. If you’d like a doula as part of your labor support team, you can find one here:

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