Hospital Membership

CMQCC Successes:

As part of our community of 200+ member hospitals – accounting for 95% of California’s delivery volume – you are a key partner in providing California’s moms, babies and their families the best start to life. Since CMQCC’s inception, California has seen maternal mortality decline by 55 percent from 2006 to 2013, while the national maternal mortality rate continued to rise. More recently, CMQCC and California hospitals have  successfully reduced NTSV Cesarean Rates through our QI collaboratives – resulting in a 2019 statewide average of 22.7%, a significant difference compared with the 2019 national average of 25.6%.

CMQCC is committed to developing real-time solutions to assist our member hosptials in the implementation of the latest clinical guidance, data tools, and State and Joint Commission reporting requirements as the state of maternity care in California evolves.


Membership Benefits - Join the 200+ hospitals already participating!

  • Learn from CMQCC’s on-demand clinical coaches and data managers as well as your peer hospitals, representing 95% of California’s maternity units. 
  • Access rapid-cycle data analytics to measure your progress alongside statewide, regional and system benchmarks on more than 90 performance and statistical metrics in CMQCC’s Maternal Data Center (MDC).
  • Perform drill down analysis to patient-level data, by provider, and by race-ethnicity within the MDC to identify your hospital’s own quality improvement opportunities.
  • Fulfill performance reporting requirements with the MDC’s convenient reporting features for the Leapfrog Group, DHCS’ QIP Program, Cal Hospital Compare (CMQCC reports several maternity metrics for you!), California Children’s Services, CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting Program, and the Joint Commission’s DDSP and Perinatal Standards.
  • Improve outcomes with access to CMQCC’s evidence-based, multi-disciplinary toolkits and implementation guides, including our newest toolkits: the Mother & Baby Substance Exposure Toolkit and Improving Diagnosis and Treatment of Maternal Sepsis. Updates to the Preclampsia and OB Hemorrhage Toolkits are currently underway!
  • Improve your clinical skills and learn online with HUDLS, our online education platform for labor support, and SHARE, our online discussion platform where member hospitals share QI policies, best practices and ideas.
  • Create sustainable change by participating in one of CMQCC’s highly successful QI Collaboratives, including our newest collaborative, the QI Academy. QI Academy is a year-long educational initiative focused on the application of evidence-based quality improvement techniques to a hospital-specific project, while mentoring participants and enhancing the perinatal team’s QI skills.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest in maternity quality improvement via our community and members-only educational webinars focused on data, clinical recommendations, and most recently a series of webinars and resources on guidance around  COVID-19 as our understanding of the pandemic evolves.
  • Get rewarded with financial incentives and recognition for CMQCC membership via our partnerships with performance reporting initiatives and health plans.